France is one of the most tempting countries to visit in the world! It is home to some of the worlds most famous monuments, magnificent cathedrals, fairy-tale castles, picturesque villages, sensational food, glitzy ski resorts, tranquil countryside and full of extraordinary history.

The top destination within France is its capital, Paris. Often described as the ‘city of light and love’ because of its history of being among the first cities to use gas lamps and being the leading role during the ‘Age of Enlightenment’ as well as having the most romantic atmosphere when walking through the streets of Paris. In Paris, you will find the icon of France, The Eiffel Tower. This historic monument is an iron lattice tower, totalling at 324m high and was the tallest structure in the world up until 1930.

Treat your friends and family to a magical trip to Disneyland Paris. A Disney entertainment resort consisting of 2 exhilarating theme parks, 8 resort hotels, a golf course and a large outlet and shopping centre. Disneyland Paris is a perfect destination for the whole family, especially for children but it is definite that adults have just as much fun!  When visiting France, it is recommended by all that you visit the French Riviera also known to the locals as ‘Côte d’Azur’ located on the Mediterranean coast of south-eastern France. This coastline is a playground for the wealthy filled of glamorous beach resorts, picture perfect views and million euro yachts.

The French are extremely passionate when it comes to the countries delicacies, including homely traditional meals like Onion Soup and Beef Bourguignon. Enjoy sipping on Frances most famous and well known wine - Cabernet Sauvignon. The french are extremely well mannered, romantics and very community spirited.

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