Become a SayTravel Blogger and share your passion for travelling, history and cultures all around the world. If you are someone who enjoys guiding and advising people, becoming a blogger with SayTravel can provide the opportunity to advise travellers on their next hotspot destination.

Blogging gives people the chance to share their experiences and offers the opportunity to network and connect with similar individuals that share the same dedication. Blogging is a community based endevour with networking being the reason that people engage and facilitating your blogs growth. An engaging and compelling blog enables you to reach millions of people worldwide that use the internet, promoting yourself and your adventures along the way whilst attracting your traget audience.

If you are a blogger that would like to post travelling articles on the SayTravel website, please send an email to [email protected] with your full name and a small, intriguing blog about travelling. Our team would love to review and hear your stories.


Frequently Asked Questions

  How do I become a SayTravel Blogger?

Becoming a SayTravel Blogger is easy! If you are passionate about travelling and advising others on the next hotspot destination, SayTravel would love to hear from you! All we require from you is your full name and a small, interesting blog about travelling. This could be your favourite place to visit, the reason as to why you love travelling or even why you would like to become a blogger with SayTravel. Send this email to [email protected] and one of our SayTravel agents will be in contact with you via email.

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