Become a Host

Become a host on SayTravels booking platform. Advertise your greatest assets and welcome paying guests into your home!

How does it work?

Why ?


  How can I become a host?

To register as a host with SayTravel is very easy and can be completed in a few easy steps. Visit our ‘become a host’ page and enter the requested details. These consist of your first and last name, display name, phone number and email address and a chosen secure password. You will be asked to read and accept our terms and conditions. SayTravel will then send you a verification link to your email. This link is used to verify your host account.

  How do I upload my accommodation?

Once you have registered and verified your host account, you are then able to list your accommodation. You will need to fill out all the relevant details to your accommodation. How many bedrooms, bathrooms, list the facilities and highlight the accommodations location. You will also be required to upload photos of your accommodation. Your property will go live on SayTravels platform once made public.

  Why should I advertise my accommodation on SayTravels booking platform?

SayTravel offers the opportunity for hosts to advertise their accommodation, increasing their bookings and income. SayTravel receives website views from in and around Europe, allowing your accommodation to be seen by many international travellers, causing an increase in your rate of bookings. SayTravel offer 24hr support so you are always able to receive relevant support when needed.

  What fees do hosts pay for advertising their accommodation?

SayTravel charges a listing fee of 8% for every booking made. 5% of this goes to SayTravel to cover expenses of advertising, customer service and the platform in which you will use. 3% of this fee is used for transaction fees of the payments made. Paying the fee for SayTravel services will give you a trusted, powerful online platform with experienced agents on call to help 24/7.