Top 3 London Public Transportation for tourists!

Travelling around London:

Due to London being one of the worlds most bustling and manic cities in the world, you would think it would be rather hard to get from A to B right? Wrong! London’s transport links are better than many other cities across the globe, making London’s travel easier than you could ever imagine.

When visiting London, I highly recommend you buy a blue Oyster Card. This is an absolute essential when travelling around London. You can pay £5 for the card itself and pay as you go to travel on Bus, Tube, Tram, DLR, London Overground, most TFL Rail, Emirates Air Line and Thames Clippers River Bus services thereafter. You can also travel on most National Rail services in London and some outside London. You are able to top up an Oyster Card in most convenience stores around London and at all Tube and Train Stations.

My Top 3 London Transport Links are:

Bus- London Buses have become iconic over the years with people worldwide recognising them as ‘The Big Red Double Decker Buses’ and are now a massive part of the London souvenir industry. London buses are now all cashless and so an Oyster Card, Travel Card and Contactless Card are all accepted payment methods. Visitors Travel Cards can also be purchased if you do not hold any of the above.

Adult Fare – One Journey: £1.55   All Day: £4.65

Age 11-15 – One Journey: £0.75 (50% Non- Concessionary Photocard)

Age 5-10 – All journeys are FREE

*You can hop on unlimited bus or trams for free within an hour of touching in on your first journey.

The Bus is my personal preference for travelling around London, specifically for the views you get whilst travelling around. Think of it as a cheaper tour bus without the tour operator! Travelling by bus is a lot quicker than getting a taxi and driving around, as well as much cheaper! In London, there are bus lanes permitted for bus use only meaning whilst everyone else driving is stuck in the chaotic London traffic, the buses can whizz past in no time. For £1.55 per hour journey you really cannot beat travelling by bus.

Tube – The London Underground is the fastest and easiest form of transport around London. You may hear a lot of Londoners use the term ‘Tube’ which refers to the tube like tunnelling running underneath the city of London. The London Underground has been in operation since 1863, with the first line being the ‘Metropolitan Railway’ being serviced from Paddington through to Farringdon. The London Underground is split into nine zones which can determine the price of your Pay As You Go travel.

Price of an Adult Oyster single fare varies from £2.40 – £5.30 depending on the zone you are travelling to and from and the time in which you are travelling at.

I regularly get the Tube but try to avoid it if I can result to getting a bus. The Tube is a convenient choice of travelling around London for the simple fact that it is the quickest option. The Tube is underground, operating in underground tunnels which can reach speeds of 60MPH between stations. The only issue I and many other Londoners have with travelling by Tube is that it can be very uncomfortable in the hotter months in London and can be even worse when the Tube is crowded and full of other commuters.

Taxi- London Black Taxis are an iconic image of London and staring in famous shows and movies like Doctor Who, James Bond and Sherlock Holmes. The London Black ‘Cabbie’ have always been an integral part of London’s transportation along with the Red Double Decker Buses and have always been respected worldwide since the seventeenth century. Over the years, Black Cabbies have been struggling with business due to the introduction of other online application taxi services like Uber and Bolt. The apps offer a much cheaper rate and is easier to navigate through an app than waving a cab down that is already occupied.

*Black Cab fares can vary from £6.20-£9.60 for a 6-13 minute journey. There is a minimum fare of £3.20 at all times.

I absolutely LOVE London Black Cabbies, mainly because of the drivers and their witty sense of humor and for the fact that they are so accommodating! You are sure to have a laugh with the driver in the back seat unless you catch one on a bad day. However, we have all been there and experienced our worst days so be kind and considerate to others! Unfortunately, due to the rising rates of London Cabbies, I steer towards Uber and Bolt now like many others in London. When it is affordable I will always wave down a Black Cabbie just to help them out where I can. It’s becoming much harder for Black Cab drivers in London, so it’s extremely important to help out when you can to keep this iconic London figure alive!

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